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Pepper Jock – Millennium Jacobite – Digital Download (MP3)

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Pepper Jock Millennium Jacobite

Pepper Jock Millennium Jacobite is the 2nd Scottish Independence album released by Graham Dallas. It covers many genres aiming to get the message of Scottish Independence to the largest audience possible.

The Wind has Changed
Folk rock song with a strong socialist lyric which questions inequality in society and lay out hopes for this revolution.

The Ballad of Ian Russell
The chorus is that well known chant; what do we want and when do we want it. The verses call out the resources Scotland have to hand. It is sung in tribute to one of Scotland’s great independence campaigners, Ian Russell. A true Millennium Jacobite.

The Vow (upbeat)
This is an upbeat version of Dallas’s classic indy track The Vow. Dallas’s response to those who wished it was more upbeat.

Thank God we have the Media
Satire is often found in Dallas’s lyrics and this song is a stinging, satirical, attack on the British media.

Time to be Free
Written with his son Ross this is a classic dance track. Dallas takes a step back from vocals leaving it to the haunting sound of Clan Clell.

Aye Till I Die
Classic folk rock, one man one guitar one theme; the determination to fight for independence.

It all Kicks off
Rocking on Independence day is what it’s all about. Flashing rock guitar solos celebrating Scotland’s Independence. We might no be there yet but Dallas dares to dream.

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